10 Hidden Easter Eggs That Took FOREVER To Find (10 YEAR SECRETS)

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  • Uber_Tiny reply Whoa, wait a minute. That took forever to find the Duck Hunt "easter egg"? Because I knew about it within days of when it first came simply by messing with the controller when my brother was shooting. I thought it was an actual part of the game, not an Easter egg.
  • [ – ] IAmMute reply Great list!
  • LetUsPlay reply The Chris Houlahan room factoid is incorrect. It's also in the British version of the game. As a child I found it multiple times, but couldn't figure out exactly what caused the room to appear.
  • mr1van reply If I remember well, the devs on Arkham City say that there are still hidden easter eggs in the game. As far as I know, nobody has discovered them either, nor have they been revealed.
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