Four Canididates Up Now For Planet 9 or X or Nibiru

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  • Amy1974 reply Most welcome Jewel!😀
  • [ – ] Amy1974 reply Hi Jewel I like your new channel. Just got and signed up for an account. So I'm still trying to figure out how to do things over here. But it definitely looks like it will give YouTube a run for the money for sure! Be well and blessed and stay safe my friend.
    • j7409skynews parent reply Hi Amy Thanks for watching and following me. Means so very much... Yes this will give youtube a run for its money. Just wish you could live stream here. So the hangouts i will still have to have on youtube. And i will still put some stuf over on the tube. BUT this is the deal and i will be here alot. Take Caare my friend..Peace and Love..J
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply I like the new place
  • jerzeydolphins reply WOOHOO WE HAVE NEW LAND !!!
  • j7409skynews reply Thanks for the UpVots and shares. My followers are AWSOME!!! Much Peace and Love to all..J
  • kballnh reply Hi Jewel =) Your video is better over glitches, awesome...stay safe my friend, KayB
  • j7409skynews reply Hey jerzeydolphins Buddy so HAPPY you are here!!!!! Take Care and Stay Safe..Peace and Love..J
  • j7409skynews reply Thanks kballnh for following and the kind words. You take care..Peace and Love..J
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