Bob Blogs - Tomorrow I see the Cardiologist

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  • [ – ] iJimUK reply I'm sure everything will be fine, as you say quit smoking, don't stress and watch your cholesterol For my 100th follower special I plan to do a reaction video, reacting to the first ever vlog I made. Yes I still have it. Good luck with your appointment Bob
    • [ – ] Bobtoronto parent reply Thank you for your usual very thoughtful reply. Four hours until I see the doctor! I'll let you know. Thanks for the suggestion. It's not a bad idea. Could be scary. I haven't watched my first video in ages. The cringe value alone might trigger a palpie (that's my affectionate name for my palpitations). Might give all of you palpies!
      • iJimUK parent reply Your first can't be any worse than mine, the lighting is horrible and from what I remember the editing is absolutely hideous. Good luck anyway,
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