Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar - BT Podcast #198

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  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply Who's side are ya rooting for? Personally I say with Lesnar being allowed to "unleash the beast" we may see it to the level of what he did to Undertaker but I personally can't say who to root for cause both are powerful wrestlers.
    • [ – ] ByteThat parent reply Both are powerful, but odds are Brock Lesnar will walk out champion. Then again no one expected Samoa Joe to become #1 contender, right? So maybe Lesnar moves on forward without the Championship.
      • Aaronshy parent reply We won't know till it happens. Still Lesnars gonna do something in the next Raw to Samoa Joe so who knows. Who do you think keeps attacking Enzo and Cass? I'm thinking it might turn out the Golden Truth aren't really breaking up and are using it as a cover to take out Enzo and Cass without them realizing but that could always be proven wrong. Still isn't it a little weird that the Golden Truth would hype eachother up just to wind up turning so easily? I felt the same with KO and Jericho but the difference there is KO hurt Jericho a lot more both physically and mentally.
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