NOT VLOG #5... BUT VLOG #7: LI-BRUH FEVER?! (Personal Rant In the Woods)

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  • [ โ€“ ] Rawman reply "out of breath koosk" lol. Hook up culture is dirt bag. The dude sounded nuts the way he went about that. Times have changed so much. Btw sick specs. I was trying to find a pair like that.
    • thy_koosk parent reply Lol and it really is ... That guy was a something for sure. Thank you! I love giant circular lenses so I don't blame you, I got these at Newbury Comics which sadly is not in the UK or most of the US ๐Ÿ˜•
  • [ โ€“ ] WebNoob reply U wild fam.
  • [ โ€“ ] AmandaFood reply The outfit, I want!
  • [ โ€“ ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply I think we're all thirsty...just some of it don't admit to it. lol.
  • [ โ€“ ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Those shades though. That's like John Lennon meets Willy Wonka thing going on. lol. And I'm all about Libra season...since I am a Libra. lol.
    • thy_koosk parent reply ikr, and John Lennon was a Libra, fun fact. Libra season is when I screech very loudly because the Sun is chilling in a weird place in my chart for that month ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • [ โ€“ ] MUMS-Universe reply @thy_koosk to the ๐ŸŒŽ & those with the thirst, chill out. โ˜ƒ๏ธ Hahahaha
  • [ โ€“ ] Dragoninkmusic reply ok I must be getting old, cause I honestly don't get random strangers trying to hook up on line... and especially on a site that isn't specifically designed for that purpose... Back on my day (oh god I AM old!) we would go out and actually meet people. Sorry you have to deal with that kinda bollocks Koosk
  • [ โ€“ ] iJimUK reply Dont stress it Koosk you do life how you want to do it, from what you said it sounds like you have your head screwed on the right way, let people get to know how you work, when they see good silly Koosk, serious Koosk and Koosk having a bad day, and they are still there, then cool. Oh, and I want your shades as a matter of priority, they are beyond cool.
    • thy_koosk parent reply I won't and thank you, and I got them at Newbury Comics... Which is sadly a reigonal store chain like an FYE. Idk, similar shades may be easy to find
  • [ โ€“ ] USUandS reply nah nah that's ur talking about relationships outfit, cuz i also got one. it's corduroy overalls while i tell passerby's to rub em rough n tough
  • [ โ€“ ] realLain011001 reply lain likes the woods and u
  • [ โ€“ ] American_Devil reply If I had a nickle for every time some dude sent me a sleazy pic or proposition on the internet I would be a rich man, LOL :) Hey don't sweat it, you don't need to explain a thing...But yeah IG is a hook up site for the most part...You'll want to keep a professional distance from your fan base, You'll get a better sense of it so long as you stay true to yourself and live at your own pace...Cool Woods, Peace \/ :)
    • [ โ€“ ] thy_koosk parent reply True dude... And you're right about the explaination thing. My "fanbase" knows that I'm not ready for the most part when it comes to relationships tbh, and I guess now that I like to get to know people if they watch this video. This instance did not happen on vidme (thank God) and was a random from a few towns over on Facebook, which was more of a ride. I agree that staying true and at your own pace is a good thing, peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ
  • [ โ€“ ] GreyMovies reply Dope outfit! Shades are lookin especially slick. Jeez, I can't stand it when dudes are like that. Rushing right into something isn't healthy at all, and one-and-done deals are messed up IMO. I 100% agree that getting to know someone is key before even considering a relationship. Otherwise things are awkward as frick. But hey, what do I know? I've been livin' the single life since I came out the womb, and I can't say I have any regrets!
    • [ โ€“ ] thy_koosk parent reply Thank you! And hey I'm not the only one who thinks getting into things too fast can become awkward! I knew this guy prioritized sex over relationships but not everyone does that nor wants to just sleep around.
      • [ โ€“ ] GreyMovies parent reply I mean, I guess thatโ€™s his prerogative. But clearly thatโ€™s not the life for everyone. And itโ€™s sad that other dudes like him donโ€™t get that. Even worse when a woman is clearly not interested and says it several times but he doesnโ€™t stop pestering her.
  • [ โ€“ ] Marzipandorica reply Those glasses are on fleek. Am I- am I slanging right? Uh Fo shizzle?.. nope that's not a thing people say. But Yeah people are weird and seem to think everything is a dating site.
    • thy_koosk parent reply Thank you! I can't slang either tbh so I get you on that ๐Ÿ˜‚ I agree, people have to calm down when they're not on OkCupid or Tinder or wherever
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