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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply i told this to you when i saw one of your older videos that i really think you have alot of potential in this community. Your vids are great , good quality and you are a natural front of the cam. If only you become a little more interactive then i am sure you will grow. I still use YT but i feel vidme more like my home. PS. Good luck with your exams
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply i'm working on the interactive part, like i said, still new to the platform, ive got a lot of things to figure out:) it's very different compared to youtube, and the whole process of finding vids that i like and have thoughts on is also different, hope i eventually get used to vidme! and thank you! after tests are over i definitely will have more time to spend on the platform:)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I still watch my favorite YouTubers, it really isn't about the platform but the content creators I watch. If they are dissatisfied and move, I will follow. Great video and thanks for sharing your thoughts. And are you kidding ? Calculus is the beating heart of our Universe. Our very existence depends on it 🤔
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply this is very true, i feel extremely lucky to have discovered some amazing content creators. and i'll definitely not boycott youtube anytime soon... also, sadly, i have no idea what calculus is about, not born for the subject.😂
  • [ – ] Chrone reply You are going places! Keep it up :D
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply thank you so much! i definitely hope my channel brings the viewers something, and hopefully more people will be able to see my content:)
  • amberthest reply This video (on Youtube) is the first time I really heard of vidme. I had been wanting to find a different platform for weeks and coulnt find anything I liked until I watched your video! Im very happy I stumbled upon your channel :)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Calculus is my nemesis. A calculus lecture in college was guaranteed to put me to sleep, which was pretty embarrassing, and gross for the guy next to me that I ended up drooling on. The dictionary says that calculus is the mathematical study of change, which explains my problem with it, because I suck at change. All in all, good job!
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply the study of change, wow i learned something new today, very interesting. i try and stay awake in calculus class, but sometimes whatever the teacher was teaching in class just ends up stressing me out, and my mind would just wander off to somewhere else haha
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