Berkeley Cops Not Allowed To Protect Trump Supporters; This Exchange Is Disgusting

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  • NormKoch reply You ever see a police officer with facial hair like the driver? Have you ever seen mercenaries, or special forces, with facial hair like that? I don't know what he is, but I know what he likens himself to be...
  • HobbesianM reply This is totalitarianism. A political party is now controlling the police, ignoring the law whenever it feels like, allowing its paid thugs to run wild. This is how the Bolsheviks did it. It's how the Nazis did it. And now, it's how the Left in the USA do it. The "Free World" no longer exists. The takeover is 90% complete. Short of a new world war with many millions dead, it's unlikely now that the Insane Left can be prevented from destroying civilization and sending us into a new Dark Age.
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