"Amerexico" (High Treason by Politicians)

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  • [ – ] kayCee888 reply And please notice how STAGED and FAKE the 'asylum seekers' pictures are!! Deliberately showing LITTLE KIDS to try and evoke OUR SYMPATHY, when the REAL TRUTH is that MOST of the 'asylum seekers' are YOUNG MILITARY AGED MEN!!! The media are SUCH SCUMBAG LYING TRAITORS!!
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Absolutely correct. they always try to show pictures of little children and women to create compassion. In reality, most of these "fugees" look like Harambe's gay twin brother https://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/025B/production/_85730600_monkey2.jpg
      • [ – ] kayCee888 parent reply DUDE! You are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! You should have been a comedian!! You had me laughing just like you did about that cow Merkel!! LOL!!! Thanks, I needed a good laugh!
    • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen parent reply No sympathy have I! There are tons of children in the US that are deprived!
      • [ – ] kayCee888 parent reply You are absolutely right XXX!! Obama traitor was doing the same crap by having photo shoots with young 'refugee' kids. And according to the paperwork, these 'refugees' are considered CHILDREN up to the age of twenty five I think!! So PATHETIC, the LIES we must tolerate!
  • [ – ] kayCee888 reply Please keep in mind that Trump is the one who put most of those traitors into his cabinet! HE BROUGHT THEM IN!!! That was not an accident! And yes, we HAVE BEEN BETRAYED! AGAIN!! If you watch the David Icke video on youtube called ANY LIE WILL DO, you will see that all of the wars the US has been involved in have been based on LIES and black flag operations to JUSTIFY their illegal and unconstitutional wars! Our military are to be ONLY used for the purpose of PROTECTING THE HOMELAND. They are NOT to be ALL OVER THE WORLD, wreaking havoc and causing wars and policing every country on Earth!!! Trump has KNOWN about UN Agenda 21 long before he took office, and NOT ONE TIME did he MENTION AGENDA 21 during his campaign! If he truly wanted to keep American nationality, he would have SAID THAT HE WOULD EXIT THE UN UPON TAKING OFFICE, because they are the GREATEST THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE THAN ANY OTHER THING THIS COUNTRY HAS FACED. Agenda 21/2030 eliminates the RIGHT to own a HOME...more, PROPERTY, A CAR OR BUSINESS. It forces everyone into prison cell sized government owned 'sustainable' cities, and steals ALL of our Constitutional rights, giving full control to the UN!!! And the framers of it want DEPOPULATION of the whole planet of 90-95 PERCENT which I am convinced they are achieving through 'natural disasters' caused by weather geoengineering, Monsanto/Bayer GMO crops, vaccines, water fluoridation, and DRUGS pushed by doctors and big pharma. This is no accident. This whole world scenario has been carefully thought out and planned for centuries by the scumbag traitor elites who only want death to mankind and the planet because they are PSYCHOPATHS. All roads lead to ROTHCHILDS and those serve them. I love your sense of humor and laugh!! HILARIOUS!!
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I am not sure what to think about Trump anymore. I still trust him, but he needs to get the job done. Billions of people around the world like him, but we did not support him to hire globalist generals and basically give all these traitors a free pass. And I am sick and tired of these people who say that "he is playing 5d chess" and shit like that. I know it takes time to build a legal case, but I want to see the Clintons, Obama, Comey, Podesta, and many others in prison very soon. Otherwise I may have trusted the wrong person.
      • kayCee888 parent reply I don't think Trump has any intent whatsoever of prosecuting the traitors, or it would have been started by now. I think he deliberately put in traitor justices that will not prosecute, and they are stalling for time. By the time they get a justice in who will be willing to prosecute. the attorneys will say, "I'M SORRY BUT THE TIME HAS EXPIRED TO PROSECUTE." And the traitors will walk FREE AS ALWAYS. THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN DC. NONE. And there hasn't been for MANY MANY YEARS. They are literally getting away with treason, stealing trillions, murdering millions and destroying the planet to boot. In the beginning I had high hopes for Trump, but he is not who he promoted himself to be. I thank God that I know Christ as Savior, and I know where I am headed when I die, because these monsters are willing to destroy all of the planet and mankind as well, no matter what their lying mouths may say.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply At least the Spanish women look great and practice a quaint form of Christianity. lol
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, they look great. I agree. I like Scandinavian women very much as well. Blue eyes and blonde hair, like this Swedish woman Agneta https://youtu.be/KoyNlVQbUPc
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply 1/3 of America is Spanish
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