Racist Wizard Suffers from White Privilege

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  • The_Next_Six_Minutes reply That feeling when you hope fact, logic, and reason, but you get two whiny elitist entitled and painfully arrogant yuppies poorly veiling their racism.
  • [ – ] whitezombie reply Racism is not a thing idiots. We are all one race the human race. To be racist we would have to discover another race. It is not skin colour that people do not like morons it is attitude. Which not only understand but i completely support. You come to me with attitude white black yellow blue or purple you will get you ass kicked. You want a different treatment? change your fucking attitude. i m a busy person, i don't have time to talk to your analyst about the problems you are having, i am trying to deal with my own. You don't like it? Lump it. You get what you dish. You show respect you get respect. You sell attitude .. see what it gets you.
    • BadOPCode parent reply +1 ... than on top of that you add the urban legend of eugenics that all these racist like these black people in the HufPo video believe in. There is no such thing as purity every person can claim to be of any race. These black racist are basing their "race" myths on how people look. I have a friend, blonde with blue eyes, born and raised in Mexico and speaks with a horrible Mexican accent. These racists pseudo liberals are always attacking him because they think he is making fun of Hispanics. God would ALL of the ignorant racist just shut up. Race is inter-sectional and which one your most of is best left to a DNA test. Culture is whatever you want to be a part of. The traditions you grew up with. It's the thread that binds a society. Race is meaningless to culture. Commies and Nazi's... please take your eugenics and race theories and promptly shove them back up your ass where you got them.
  • SirAdamantine reply Magog, please hurry up and take over the world. We need you!
  • Luke_Redstar reply Jokes are considered a type of Meme Magic.
  • VoltaicFire reply It's not white double standards, it's black/minority narcissism.
  • VoltaicFire reply Hail Magog!
  • [ – ] 1Deadly_Beauty reply Dude, I'm an old, old lady, but I just love you. All your videos are just awesome. Brilliant actually. Thank you, and pretty please keep em coming :) ;) ;) :)
  • Just_Eric reply They exclude us from saying Nigger and in comparison we exclude them from NOTHING, in fact we go out of our way to be inclusive. Fuck them and "their" word.
  • DarkQuark reply If you can't figure out how to continually be a victim then you can no longer blame others for your failures. Victimhood is what happens in the vacuum left by personal responsibility and morality.
  • [ – ] thoughtcrime1984 reply "Our Word"? More like R-Word. Ugh.
  • patrickbrinkmann reply Germany Germany Germany here here here
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