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  • [ – ] MFKraven reply how could i not watch your videos bro? I always watch all your videos (okay maybe not RWBY) :p but you are probably my favorite gamer on Vidme tbh <3
    • KinTailFox parent reply That's really kind of you to say and it's okay if you don't like some of the series I put up, not everyone likes the same kind of thing.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply @KinTailFox this is a FANTASTIC video. You definitely care about each creator you highlighted and I think each creator feels the same affection towards you. You are so thoughtful and dedicated to supporting your community ALWAYS...even outside of the #vidmechallenge videos. Thank you for making this! (How many times can I share this before it gets creepy?)
    • KinTailFox parent reply Thanks @Calibri_Funtimes and you can share it as much as you want, I make these videos for others to enjoy and to find something in myself, these are not my videos but yours. Think of it as handshake, a hug when you need it or maybe just a "chill and hang out with me" sesh. As far as creator support goes, everyone that interacts with me a lot is more than just a creator to me, they are friends and I always try to put my friends above myself, everyone here means more to me than they think. <3
  • [ – ] Lamedude reply How is he doing this thing with the person?????
    • KinTailFox parent reply Its a program called FaceRig and it's pretty brilliant. Since I'm not into showing my ugly mug on camera yet, it's my way of being a person talking I guess.
  • KinTailFox reply Thanks to @Calibri_Funtimes and @conner for being generous and amazeballs. You guys rock!
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply Wow Kin, this might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me *ever*, getting a little choked up here.. You might be the single nicest human being I have ever encountered, and not in the sense that "Sick dood- You covered my channel" but in the sheer fact that you're not just calling out names, but giving genuine praise to people who's videos you clearly watch and enjoy. Who ever thought a community so far apart, could be so close together. Time to binge watch all your awesome recommendations :D
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply This was really good video fam keep up the great work
  • BrianAiya reply yeaaa more shoutout to creators who need a little push.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "lets get a-going" haha. Wow steff egan is killing it. I probably have seen some of her animations. Congrats winks on making 30 followers!!! Retro is someone who I've recently began talking to my self he is very cool and I'm looking forward to his photo editing practice video. "Captain scrubbo plebbs" hahahhhaha please say that more!!! That is the best thing I've ever heard!!! Calibri is really quirky! Yes! Definitely a great pick for this. I really wanna try her random creator video my self. Yeah it's true we got a few dodgy apples but we can enjoy our community we have. Keep being positive bro.
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply Thank you so much for the amazing comment. It really sets me at ease about not always being able to verbalize the rainbows and explosions in my head but the words seemed to have come out right. I'm getting back into old relaxed habits and my content is coming more naturally because of it. Having all of you absolutely amazing creators around me makes it feel less like a video and more like I'm hanging out with everyone which is absolutely awesome. Thank you again for your kind words.
      • Rawman parent reply No worries man any time. You always make enjoyable content. I love the way you speak especially when you say crazy stuff like Captain scrubbp plebbs hahahha. Keep the strange phrases coming.
  • [ – ] xNoble_Guardian reply This video is awesome.
  • Rawman reply I just what you said at the end hahaha at first i thought you said because you will live longer. But you mean you going to hell? Nooo not true haha. You will live a great and full life.
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