A Vidme Exclusive: Please Stop Changing my Categories- I Have More Experience than You in This Realm

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  • [ – ] Tatullus_Invictus reply Apparently Vidme doesn't want controversial videos to trend.
  • [ – ] ARTPAD reply VIDME's ugly side is appearing
    • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply Is everything you say negative?? I don't think ive seen you say one positive thing out of all your comments it's just whining... do you have anything constructive to add?
      • [ – ] Endommageur parent reply Why do you feel the need for others to speak in a manner that pleases you?
        • Platypus67 parent reply I guess vybey has a point there; in my book the positive points outnumber the negative ones, so styx COULD have said something positive too about our new meeting point, don't you think so? But of course it's necessary to speak out about problems one encounters.
      • ARTPAD parent reply Apparently, you did not read all my compliments toward Tarl Warwick. I think he is a genius and exceptional person. DO me a favor - mind your fucking business and troll someone else.
      • [ – ] Duecenvrlose parent reply Agreed. ARTPAD is an ass-hat
        • [ – ] ARTPAD parent reply I have complimented Styx many times. Go back and look at my comments. WHy do you feel the need to censor me? Calling someone you don't know a slang word speaks volumes to your education and level in society.
          • Duecenvrlose parent reply Your only censoring yourself.. you're so offended by criticism that you literally deleted your own comment threads the last two times time I've bitch-slapped you.
    • [ – ] ErnstHaeckel parent reply You replied to 1 of my comments on this video, but it was deleted by vidme. I was given not notification it was deleted. I made one calling youtube goolagtube. Maybe that was the one you replied to. I can't remember what the other one was.
  • [ – ] ThePhantom reply Vidme needs to fix their shit, this site has potential to becoming the number one video sharing site
  • aexiusironblood reply By not allowing you to branch out to other categories, they are also cutailing your ability to bring in new viewers from areas that might have people avoiding news and politics because of the fake news nonsense.
  • [ – ] Whovian72 reply Vidme, if they tout themselves have a free speach platform, will let your catagories stand as is, I see nothing wrong with your catagory selection. It's spot on!
    • Whovian72 parent reply And in repling to my own comment, state that hopefully vidme are not (and will stop post-haste) micromanaging their content producers like YouTube.
  • getarealhaircut reply Vidme fucking don't go there - Don't go around threatening to un-verify creators you have already verified all you do is undermine yourself. You are starting to sound more and more like you are pursuing an agenda than running a video hosting platform.
  • Auceza reply Styx is angry. Don't mess around with Styx, vid.me. He got the meme magick!
  • TrendyDictator reply They are just secretly upset about the YouTube Play Button in the background of a Vidme video, LMAO. Seriously though: If one is to assume that people behind Vidme are not against free speech, this may be pragmatic choice by a company that isn't really capable of handling the "outrage". I doubt they have resources to handle frivolous lawsuit from Google, for example. So they prefer to fuck with your categories, instead. If I was Vidme I'd think long and hard about unlocking politics and make sure I won't suddenly find my domain held as a hostage or something like that.
  • [ – ] myordinaryart reply I am wondering if this site only needs three categories? Video games, not video games, German speaking.
  • TwoCatsYelling reply Sounds to me like Vidme's got their own agenda, but are trying to be a bit more "subtle" about how they enforce it.
  • TheGiraffe reply Knock it off VidMe people.
  • Smucked reply "Politics are downstream of culture." - Andrew Breitbart
  • ErnstHaeckel reply 2 of my comments on this video. 1 upvoted by 6 people and another upvoted by 2 people was deleted. Styx does not delete comments so it must be vidme that deleted it. Vidme better clean up their act otherwise I might switch to bitchute. Maybe some others can join me. Maybe Styx can make a video on it. Have others had their comments disappear?
  • VybeyPantelonez reply You definitely categorize correctly and vidme should really not be upsetting you because you are a high quality commentator (imo)... you will and already have brought many onto the platform. Why vidme??? Please don't start making the same mistakes that youtube made
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply I didn't even realize VidMe is changing people's categories. I guess I'm gonna have to check my vids as well.
  • StolenMoment reply vidme is going the way of asshat snowflakes. Stick with travelogues and k-rations.
  • [ – ] RumIsHealthy reply Try speaking german, it might solve everything.
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply But then only those 100,000+ people will speak German to the Vidme staff and won't be understood by a high degree. Hell, even if AxxL translates them all, they wouldn't listen to him either because A LOT OF VIDIZENS hate AxxL for his crazy videos, and just like Styx he will unfortunately never get a featured status because they actually think he is some retarded shithead in which in actuality he is far from one. No, pandering to a wider and newer majority will not solve this, but maybe integrating into a particular segmentation of their psychology might do the trick. I don't mean all out mind control them or manipulation or whatever, but actually approach this scenario from a different angle... This strategy I suppose isn't for everything, but it is there.
  • [ – ] theschnick reply Just stop posting here and move to Bitchute. Millennial Woes is allowed to be featured there. No way in hell you will be censored.
  • DavyDevilution reply Vidme is as insecure as YouTube. Only Content With Safe PC Bullshit Is Allowed.
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply I dont think that vidme is really the free speech platform that they make themselves out to be, their have been some that have accused them of being sjws in hiding. Maybe this is true
    • Sock_Puppet parent reply Vidme has never been a free speech site, just less draconian than YT and a stepping stone until a true alternative comes along. Hopefully bitchute improve their user interface and work toward filling the void because it's obvious that Vidme doesn't want free thinkers and anti-authoritarians on their site!
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