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  • fancyfig reply science is not "people interpreting facts", it's a set of highly refined processes by which we can determine what the facts are. that means that hypotheses must be based on data, and they must be falsifiable, it cannot be called a theory until it passes repeated experiments, and the experiment methods are scrutinized in depth and repeated by other trained scientists. it is not a fact until there is a statistically viable amount of data, the methods of collecting that data are scrutinized and repeated, none of it contradicts the theory, and no scientist in any relevant field with a paper to their name challenges the accepted consensus. scientists on the left and the right (scientists tend to be fairly moderate) are pissed off because trump is censoring publicly funded research from the american people, he wants to defund pbs despite it costing 2% the cost of his wall, and he's appointed absurdly unqualified to head the departments of education, and energy, and others. i'm not an sjw o...morer a liberal, and i know there's junk people that show up to these things, but science brought us the internet that has dramatically raised our standard of free speech, and it's eradicated smallpox, and it's our only realistic shot for eradicating cancer and heart disease. this is not an institution to abandon lightly.
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply fancyfig thanks for the comment. Fact is: Everything the government does is not factual or scientific. It made itself a "Corporation" stolen from the People in 1913 by an illegally fraudulently elected President who wrote laws making himself a dictator. Through the "science of religion" yes religion is a science also, through this science, you will see the results of this science soon. Religious Science based on the truth and Justice is going to heal America. most science is evil and has/is make all of us sick, GMO's, Chem Trails, Vaccininventions made just to get rich, pharmaceutical, witchcraft, sorcery, chemical practices, addicting people to their chemical pills, Insecticides, Oil by-products, biggest science problem making a piece of paper money or a piece of paper in gold and silver which is real money, , the science of mind control, Americans will farm raise families and live free healthy lives. We voted for Kansas Farms for everyoIne. in the "real" America everyone mus...moret seek and know the "truth", "truth and facts" must be the same. The Right thing. Right now science is running wild, outside of the law, lying to the public through evil, greedy, fraudulent papers, with conterfeit money. In America, you do not need to be an expert. Everything must be "self-evident", according to nature and Nature's God. Just because you can do something, doesn't give you the "right" to do something. All rights come from God. Look at what God is doing all around the world. Setting people free from tyranny! Don't be the last to know the truth.
    • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply so, i would call all those things beliefs, if you want them categorized as "fact" or "truth" then they should go through a rigorous, objective, and unbiased process that can reliably distinguish facts from falsehoods. i'd recommend science. if you use something less objective or requiring more leaps of faith to determine your definition of "fact" then you'll just have a more corruptible worldview where more untrue things can appear true, and people won't trust your truths.
      • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 parent reply You have a very high threshhold for science or truth...too bad our political leaders don't agree with your definition! We'd not have this Russian conspiracy floating around and genders would be 2- male and female (hermaphrodites are a mutation) It's also too bad that scientists and researchers don't hold to your level of scrutiny either, especially before publishing their biased findings Most scientists 'can't even replicate studies by their peer's studies! So, these "studies" get published and lies get spread.... http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-39054778 "The authors should have done it themselves before publication, and all you have to do is read the methods section in the paper and follow the instructions. Sadly nothing, it seems, could be further from the truth. After meticulous research involving painstaking attention to detail over several years (the project was launched in 2011), the team was able to confirm only two of the original studies' findings. Two more proved...more inconclusive and in the fifth, the team completely failed to replicate the result. "It's worrying because replication is supposed to be a hallmark of scientific integrity," says Dr Errington. Concern over the reliability of the results published in scientific literature has been growing for some time." Did you know a new "scientific study" came out that said Undeniable Facts Fact- Woodrow Wilson was financed through big bankers to get the Federal Reserve passed...We've done several videos on the true, undeniable facts of the Federal Reserve Fact- Woodrow Wilson was prone to strokes and for at least 1 1/2 yrs his wife and inner circle ran the White House and not even the vice president was allowed to see him...it was one of the greatest corruptions in US history Fact: The US government has been paying farmers to farm or not farm and pushing the planting of Corn from "fence row to fence row," has engaged in food propaganda, a very unhealthy food "pyramid," and hide studies that showed sugar caused more health problems than fat Fact: Governments around the world engage in weather manipulation and pesticides/fungicides/and weed killers are sprayed from airplanes that drift in the wind. Fact: GMO's cause cancer in lab rats...contain BT which cannot be washed off, and changes gut health Fact: Farmers all around the world, especially in India have committed suicide because of Monsanto's business practices put them out of business Fact: Our Constitution only allows for Congress to coin gold and sliver Fact: We have a fiat banking system that prints money out of thin air I could go on and on...just because someone adds their emotions, feelings, and religion to a topic does not negate the facts If you think religion or belief in God messes with people's ability to see facts, you really should take that up with great historical men who used the Word of God and their belief in God to help them understand the natural world... Men like John Locke, Galileo, Copernicus, William Bradford, John Adams, Francis Bacon, Einstien, Issac Newton, Johannes Kelpler...and many more...these are the men I study, I learn from, I glean from to get a grasp on political science, natural science, and even the science of belief/religion. These are men who saw the order in our Universe and said there had to be a Designer because, while humans are disorderly, the Universe is perfect, predictable, Designed with incredible precision... The odds that our Universe happened by chance with fish flopping on land for millions of years trying to go from gills to lungs are the same odds that a tornado goes through a junkyard and a perfect 747 comes out of the tornado... the Universe is winding down, we are de-evolving, we are mutating and losing DNA with each generation....everything I said here is verifiable undeniable fact
        • fancyfig parent reply fair point: our political leaders don't have high standards of fact and truth. that's another thing scientists are pissed off about. let me get a little more nuanced here; there is a well documented phenomenon of junk science, it happens because the way science often gets funded makes quantity more valuable than quality, also bolder claims garner more media attention. this has corrupted what researchers and universities focus on, and it's created many disreputable journals (scientists are pissed off about that too). despite this the core of science has not lowered its standards and bad research doesn't get to be published in respected journals. while every week there's a new diet trend backed by one poorly designed test, in the background there is deep study and experimentation on something called "CRISPR" and if the hypothesis holds, then this will be the cure to cancer and one of mankind's greatest achievements. considering that there's cancer in the first place, i'd hardly call ...morethe universe perfect, and if it was designed then i'd call the designer a massive dick. the universe is an incredibly complicated place, there's no way for its full summation to be in the first chapter of book that we don't even know the author of. so in order to learn about the world and learn how to make it better, we need to set off on discovery. if there is a god then we will find him by the scientific method. and if finding god and learning his true intentions is the goal of religion then it shouldn't be using scripture, it should take a hint from issac newton and johannes kepler and use science!
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