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  • [ – ] newjess reply Huge If True
  • [ – ] RoughPanic reply The 4 runs deeper than any of you actually realize.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply 2+2 creepy
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply 4 is taking over once again! Stay w o k e p i l l e d .
  • [ – ] Ripstar reply I just realised Jay-Z's new album is called 4:44 EVEN JAY Z HAS BEEN BRAINWASHED BY @RoughPanic
  • [ – ] USUandS reply that's me laughing at the end knowing i c4n't control my own4 life4444 bec4use44 4 4444 444444
    • Rawman parent reply My first memory was when I was 4 years old... Ever since that day I was not in control4444
  • [ – ] MrMemeKing reply That ending is how I laugh until I start choking on the deadly oxygen
    • Rawman parent reply It happens to be the greatest laugh ever. There is another video he does the same thing I think lol
  • [ – ] Shut_Up_Buddy reply Best.....laugh......ever!!!!
    • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku parent reply Almost. Rawman's laugh is better.
      • Rawman parent reply Thanks for the compliment that is nice to say.
      • Xexor parent reply Where do you think the guy laughing got it from? Everyone knows Rawman's laugh: it's like the soft splashing of water across the top of a jacuzzi . . . or something.
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply <_< goly... that's hardcore, even if you do really mean that rawman's laugh is not as contagious or even as iconic. I'm gonna hope you take it to heart that the guy is in actuality living out a truly lovable character for the most part on Vidme, and even after that he's still pretty fascinating! (note: for future reference, try not to give him a hard time about other things you may notice about him... for example he burps frequently because of a condition called hernia hysteria, and he yells at himself as if he has a conscience talking with him on purpose, as per said brand)
        • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Hahaha good attention skills. Some people have speculated I copied idubbbz but people have heard me do it live in a stream, phone call etc lol.
          • nodetact parent reply You're not the first to compliment my insight, I mean how else do I know that my videos and comments are so unearthing? (the "you never know what you don't know" is my favorite motto and I made it up the same time that I discovered it being effective as per my high loftily self-esteem, having used it to express my opinion to an older man about why professionals should still invest into training. Needless to say he was very inspired and he motivated me back with his own words that I never forgot since) And try not to be too alarmed or even spooked out, but I'm not such a big fan of idubbbz to say the least. Maybe it was just after watching one video out of his hardcore "constructive criticism" series based on Kickstarter/Indiegogo (Crap/Excrement) which entailed a very clear pattern that he does not believe in crowdfunding to be particularly helpful for any reason whatsoever, let alone is legit. It can be hard to base that even after every legible comedy and even serious video he must ...morehave done by now that I stand a decent argument of him being a completely prejudiced asshole, as my stance is faint and poor and I can't detest the guy just because he speaks his mind just like I do, even though my previous paragraph details otherwise lol. But basically I'm either looking at someone alike me or still cool to the standards that he's doing what is lovable. I totally admire that even though you aren't always in the best shape to represent others and things that you still go for it. Even better, is that even unsettling things in your eye, from the possible demise of this online video hosting platform to the idea of you doing an actual face reveal, never extinguish your vibe to do whatever you can do and know you can do, even if it never helps yourself. I always feel like that's all I'm left with, either only having helped others or just being contently okay in mediocrity. But everyone as a whole deserves far more than that, and I don't have to do any of it alone. Though I'd love to gob-smack you all by then if that isn't worse of a surprise than "real content" ahaha.
    • Rawman parent reply You should see the whole video it's like 8 mins of glory haha.
  • [ – ] pktesla reply Creepy? Lol. Youtube updated policy putting whatever they dislike in restricted access so people run away from them. And vidme subscribes every new user automatically.
  • [ – ] Dr-Despair reply I think it has more to do with YouTube's new algorithm targeting creeypasta channels
    • Rawman parent reply Ok really I had no idea about that. So basically the whole horror/creepy community are coming over? I speculated something like that. This is just a joke video for the sake of it but I wouldn't be shocked if the whole community have come here.
  • [ – ] orangesec333 reply Youtube has been bad lately is also why.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Not sure I like that, kinda like how Tom on myspace was. But for what reason?
    • Rawman parent reply Tbh I got no idea what really it is lol but yeah the MySpace Tom thing was cray cray. Just funny how it went back around to RoughPanic yet again. Creepy panic.
  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply Ya kiss ya moffer wit dat mouf m8?
  • [ – ] Xexor reply 0:26 I don't think even he had that many followers. o_O DO NOT CHALLENGE YOUR OVERLORD MASTERS! Btw, did you know that 4 is also Zuckerberg's FB id number? Coincidence?
  • [ – ] ZombieBacon247_Plays reply hahaha definitely a conspiracy lol
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