A new advertiser-friendly option for YouTube comments :(

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  • NerdOnTheStreet reply I'm really not happy with YouTube right now. They're being blatantly open about catering to advertisers rather than users. They recently added a restriction where if your video is auto-flagged as not advertiser friendly, you can't get it reviewed until it gets 1000 views in a 7 day period. And this comment option is clearly built to make censorship easier. On the other hand, they could be taking videos down altogether, and they could be forcing those "inappropriate" comments to go away. Instead, they're at least leaving the videos up and giving users a choice over what comments to allow... for now. I also found out today that when advertiser revenue is blocked for a video, the video can still earn YouTube Red revenue. Again, better than nothing. Still doesn't stop me from investing in alternative platforms, though. In addition to my Vidme channel that I'm working on, I also purhcased a Vimeo subscription last week. If I'm paying them directly, most of their incentive to screw me over...more goes away.
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