COMMUNITY LOVE | Vlogday Friday #10

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  • BrianAiya reply Yeaa I love that everyone who started Vidme around the same time are also hitting milestone around the same time :) thanks for giving positive vibes in this community. We need more people like you.
  • [ – ] ScribbleSeal reply Honestly, the Vidme community is so open and welcoming to new creators, and it make it encouraging for people who create all types of content to show what they can do. :) (Sorry if the wording makes no sense. It's 1am, I just woke up, and I have the ACT in 7 hours. xD)
    • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply Yea, I remember those ACT days. Good luck...
      • [ – ] ScribbleSeal parent reply Thanks. I did really well on the English and Reading last year, but I sucked at the math. xD Probably won't be too different this time.
        • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply It was always Reading for me... Every time
          • [ – ] ScribbleSeal parent reply Ah, I getcha. I'm just a natural writer, so it came fairly easily to me. :) (Science is just... weird.) And last time I did math without calculator because mine was banned, so that made it harder.
            • iiMitor parent reply Damn, Math without a calculator, yea that'll do it. lol. But science is pretty weird, you either get it or you don't
  • KotaTail reply Holy crap you just hit 100 followers the day after Kin got his! Woohoo
  • iiMitor reply Congrats on a 100 follows... You really do deserve it, you have a beautiful personality
  • theoldsparrow reply You're now at 102 followers. Congratulations! The increase is inevitable. The major competitor is leaking like a sieve and vidme is the place to be. There will be growing pains but hopefully this will be for the better. Keep that positive attitude that everyone enjoys. :D
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Woo! It was the same day I think :3
  • danielamann reply I love how obvious it is how much you care about this community and how humble you are about the community support you have gotten on Vidme. Trust me, you deserve it =D Great to see a creator like you seeing the success you deserve!!! You have such a great personality and positive attitude. I LOVE watching your videos and feeling all the positive vibes
  • arenelomax reply Congrat's to you and Percy. ;-)
  • CrazyRocky reply I'm late but congrats!
  • KeiserHTTC reply Well done great upload enjoyed the topic and I'm enjoying vidme I'm thinking of retirement from YouTube and just run full time with vidme. Even uploading vidme exclusive uploads not available on my YouTube
  • KeiserHTTC reply Well done great upload enjoyed the topic and I'm enjoying vidme I'm thinking of retirement from YouTube
  • KayToons reply Congrats on 100! I love this community so much, it seems everyone here is just so nice and inviting. Plus the Vidme members themselves actually communicate with their creators which is a huge advantage they have over YouTube
  • EliteBrayden reply Congrats @calibri_funtimes !!!!
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