Donald Trump Fires Comey

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  • udtknwme reply Personally I find it more telling that he discusses the "three times I was not under investigation" issue in the letter. People have tells, and what I have noticed is that Trump doesn't appear capable of not talking about the issue, even when he's not talking about the issue. He tends to hint at what his focus is without necessarily speaking to it, and I think he does so here. Dismissal and rejection letters are a fairly boilerplate thing. Thank you for your service/submission, I/we sincerely appreciate your efforts toward something or meeting with you (optional), but at this time I/we are unable to continue your employment/offer you a position. I/we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. The optional part is supposed to draw attention to and offer praise for the servicing of a goal or objective or to underline a positive of the employee or candidate. Years of service, commitment, dedication, some exemplary qualification that you feel someone should be recognized for...more and would appreciate the recognition for. In this case, Trump chooses to use that option to, ignoring anything that is about Comey's, put words into Comey's mouth to benefit himself. As for the liberal Comey anger, that's regarding the announcement of an investigation of Clinton at a pivotal point in the election that became cannon fodder for the debate that Trump hammered Clinton with, all followed by an "oops, never mind."
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