How To Deal With Insult and Criticism - Important Reminder

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  • PuzzlesIRL reply I disagree, if you class certain things as just "insults" and ignore them, you could lose out in the long run; it is better to understand why somebody says something; if you are doing some work and a colleague calls you stupid, if you ask them why they said that, you may find out that you are doing something wrong in your work. To go with an example in the video, if you get called a womanizer, maybe the way you act around women may look really flirtatious to others, and this may make your partner feel bad (if you have a partner but I'm sure you get the point).
  • DynoStorm reply No one criticises islam because they're jealous of Muslims. If that was the case they would JOIN islam. Criticisms must be listened to, period. Ignoring criticism is too naive, one must be open minded to any and all perspectives (because they could be wrong no matter how strongly convinced they're in the right) but also sceptical of one's own opinions as well as that of others.
  • [ – ] MasterOfTheMiniverse reply It's a good way to look at things. Words only mean something if you want them to. Best to just listen to what's constructive and ignore what does nothing, but bring you down.
    • PuzzlesIRL parent reply I believe that it is also important to listen to any criticism even if it is not constructive; if you are doing something wrong and somebody points that out but they do not give you an alternative, you should not continue doing that wrong thing even if you realize that the thing was wrong, you should search for the right thing yourself.
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