Joe Wayne of The ACP Responds To Roger Stone's Trump Syrian Strength Strategy 4 10 2017

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  • TheACP333 reply @OfficialStoryLol When You Turn Political Beliefs Into Moral Imperatives Without One Shred Of Objective Facts To Support Your Crusade You Run The Risk Of Having Not One Person With A Working Brain Believe Anything You Say Ever Again... & Thanks For The Tip @OSLol
  • TheACP333 reply @OfficialStoryLol Sorry... But this traitor has outed himself as another ZioGlobalist puppet... & now I Don't believe anything he says
  • OfficialStoryLol reply Hmm... Trump has promised not to invade Syria. If he pulls out, but Assad steps down, will you be back on the Trump Train?
  • OfficialStoryLol reply Bummer of an episode. But the real bummer was on 4/6 when we found out Trump's priorities were inline with those of the globalist interventionist NeoCons. I wish Roger Stone were right. But, "4D chess" is turning into a religion rather than appearing to be an accurate analysis of Trump's tactics and strategy.
  • TheACP333 reply Don't Forget To Hit The 1080 Button
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