Hi VidMe Friends, I'm Girl Reading Books!

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  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply Everything you said, twice
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Thank you @OpulentMiracle :-DDDDD I'll be doing some interesting Bible readings today as an acknowledgment of Easter! It's a great day for us to reflect on what it is that changes our behavior this time of year :))
  • [ – ] BedtimeGaming reply Welcome to the vidme community and hope you enjoy your time here. Glad to get to know you more and was an awesome intro video.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply welcome to the vidme community. You have many interesting experiences and background. Make sure you get your channel verified :) https://vid.me/verified
  • [ – ] vondu reply debate me
  • [ – ] mccbythesea reply My new favorite teacher...great interplay among the law and issues in a fun engaging way. Great tone. Thank you for this cool idea
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Thanks @mccbythesea :)))) Tryin' to keep my cool in the storm of the modern political and social climate is definitely a goal in the videos! Though I may falter - It's hard to keep calm in the storm. That said, I think we should all be probing and THINKING more than we posit conclusions. In a world of so many lies, the only salve is more knowledge, more discourse, more honesty. <3 Thx for tuning in mcc :)))
  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply I really look forward to you reading the Constitution, I do want to emigrate to the USA. I myself was going to do a series on the British Constitution.
  • [ – ] Thatonecoupletv reply Welcome to the vlogosphere! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Constitution =D
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