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  • ADTgaming reply I really have to emphasize the sound in this movie. In the theater, every gunshot and explosion felt extremely real, and the German planes with their VERY creepy sirens were terrifying, whenever you heard them off in the distance you knew shit was gonna go down
  • [ – ] RichardCrowe reply I really think it could have benefitted from gore, nothing excessive but I think it would have aided to tone and tension.
    • TheAverageAirsofter parent reply Still, even with the PG-13 rating, it still captured well the bleakness of war. Heck, the two Saints and Soldiers movies that I've watched are rated PG-13 and they've all got great stories to tell.
  • Yippy_Ki_Aye reply Cool synopsis. Thanks!
  • Akamaze reply soo.. it doesn't suck ?
  • iMissTooMuch reply Is the background music from Battlefield 1? It might be from the movie, but it sounds like BF1.
  • InjusticeHero reply Great review
  • ImpeccablyCurious reply A modern film with an amazing score? Dann, I'm impressed!
  • Chooibah reply I watched this in the IMAX cinema in London, seeing it in that way added hugely to the intensity of the movie. It still felt a little disjointed in places like you said, but I really enjoyed it. Saying that, I'm not sure the movie would have anything close to the same feeling watching it at home on DVD. Thanks for the vid
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