[Mirror] Senator David Leyonhjelm Debunks Feminist In Hearing [TheAndredal]

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  • Perseus_Gold reply We need politicians like him here in Canada. That woman's low energy speechless reaction to being question was priceless.
  • Texastom reply no evidence provided in an effort to pass a law that would impact men. "listen and believe".
  • Sock_Puppet reply Good that people in positions of power have started to point out the lies coming from these cultists.
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply So we have kekistan refugees, what should we call youtube refugees?
  • Irish_Stevo reply Cherro Suit....just a YT refugee here, watching the nose dive...nice vid, easy logic work.
  • Bleachameete reply Ayyy, SuitYourself can you do a video on 1984 novel?
  • jak0b550n reply What a great ending: He politely told her to resign.
  • TheMac reply In my own circles, which is not political or particularly supporting of contemporary feminism, violence against women is super uncommon and taken seriously when it happens. It is good to see a politician actually desling with objective facts instead of just folding to political correctness.
  • Debrajo33 reply Well thank you. Actually I would agree that it is not common. I Am apparently in the 60%
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