"Not safe for Work" ???

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  • [ – ] Raimundo_Escuadra reply I think my video was nsfw because of the rule nº 2 (hate speech). I didn't think a platform like vidme could have adopted this SJW terminology in its community rules. My video it is not hate speech. I only say that anyone who comes to Spain with the intention of doing any harm, he is going to be stopped. It is not the same to attack than to defend. It is not the same shooting a man to kill him than shooting a man to protect your life. A simple question that could be solved easily in a court but here on the internet it gets really confusing.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I fully agree with you. Nothing you did was "hateful" in any way. Every country should be allowed to protect its citizens. And, you showed parts of a video from "El Mundo", a very well known Spanish mainstream media outlet. It must all be some sort of misunderstanding.
  • [ – ] Raimundo_Escuadra reply I really thank you for doing this video. It's very important that humble youtubers or vidmers XD like us could help each other. I hope that vid.me could give me an explanation...
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