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  • [ – ] BigTimeGaming reply This is a crowded market now, on youtube and on vidme. However I think I prefer vidme as a platform because of the community! When I post, the creators respond! I have gotten more views here than I did on youtube, no followers yet. My belief is this community will be a lot better than youtube.
    • AlfieGames parent reply @BigTimeGaming From my experience with Vidme for the part few weeks it's great! the community and the creators the whole feel of it. If you look at my channel when I made the channel, you can see how far I have come in just a few weeks
  • [ – ] MegaRetroMan reply At this rate, YouTube. I've had more growth in nearly every way in the last 2-3 months on there than here on VidMe. It's shocking and very disappointing. The people here who have given me the chance to interact with them has been great though.
  • FunkyMunky reply Vidme. Not run by leftist ideologues and SJWs. People need to get off of the Google teat. I just wish more of my favorite content creators would leave Youtube for good. I'd never go back
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply VIDME all day!!! for smaller content creators....
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