Smite: My Personal Story

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  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply This is a really sad story. I am so sorry that this happened to your family. No one deserves this. A man's life is not worth a car, regardless of how much the car is worth. I hope you can get the car back. I can't even imagine how much it means to you. Thanks for sharing. I'm sure this was very hard for you to share.
    • [ – ] ThePrincessNeshh parent reply Thanks for listening. It was a sad moment for me. I think about him everyday and I know he's watching over me. Hopefully I will get the car back, still working on it. Never giving up
      • JessicaMartwin parent reply I'm sure it was. It definitely made me a little sad just listening. I really hope you can get the car back. It has to mean so much to you. And I'm sure he is watching over you everyday.
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