The Video Game Years - 1982 Pt 2 - E.T. Pac Man 2600, Colecovision, Tron, Popeye, Jungle Hunt, MORE

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  • Retroware reply Hi this is John D! I was a bit young for PacMan on VCS but I did play PacMan a lot on 5200 as a little kid when it was rather new. That was an amazing port but the controller was awful for the game. Analog non centering is not good for PacMan. Some of us are a bit young to remember playing the game when it was released but most of us do have rather early memories of the game in the mid 80s
  • BlackbirdFrost reply All in all, this is a great nostalgia trip to my early childhood! I had most of these games as a kid before the NES came around. Makes me want to play some of them again. :)
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Atari Pacman was one of my first video games ever. For an Atari home port, it wasn't that terrible. They did make far too many of them, but the game wasn't really bad. I am curious, and this is not an insult, I'm not trying to be rude by asking this so please don't take it that way, but how many of the guys in this video actually played the game when it was fairly new? I only say that because most of you look a bit young to have played it back then...hell I look a bit young to have played it back then. So...yeah I know looks can be deceiving and all. Not hating on you guys or your video or anything. :)
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