#FIRECOLBERT: The Right Gets Triggered | SecondClancy

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  • DevinSeviyn reply I am not left or right. I can't stand snowflakes on either side of the spectrum. lol. Keep up the great work.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply Clancy, while what you've said in this video is basically true, the way it was framed is...unhelpful at best. The things is, you've presented at least all but one of the people whose tweets appear in the video as being hypocritical, but you didn't prove it outright. Generally, yes, people who advocate for free speech would be hypocrites by supporting this campaign. You haven't showed these people to have done that and as for the entirety of people who could be described as right-leaning, you're on even shakier ground. Not even 4 years ago a large number of people on Twitter who generally aligned themselves with values on the left started and trended the hashtag #CancelColbert for making a joke that Suey Park declared racist. Now, I haven't researched the majority of these people who are still active on the site or even a large number of that group, but guaranteed there is a large group of people who were against Colbert then and haven't voiced any such support to take down his show no...morew. Are they not as hypocritical as those on the right who dropped support for free speech for this campaign? Beyond all that, I must disagree that the cock holster joke wasn't homophobic. It was an instance of homosexual behavior used to smear a person's behavior or person, which implies that homosexual behavior is objectionable or otherwise bad. What can be debated is whether it is reasonable to expect people to be either physically or emotionally hurt by such a joke and my answer at least to that is no.
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