The Video That Terminated Peekay Truth

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  • thechampkodi reply Parasitical Zionists controlling media
  • [ – ] mickjoebill reply Lots of shouting and swearing. Come on if someone posted a picture of your mother that you took, you wouldn't you be pissed! By the way the copyright is held by the author of the image, not the subject!! Just another example of how your videos contain untruths.
  • Ian_Shears reply I run a back-managed m/c (by ???) and I simply say what is blown away stands - permanently. Your work will stand mate. Hang in there - no matter what.
  • kelly1234 reply That selfie was faked, too! Look at HRCs head! They pushed this pic all over mainstream media in the US, when it allegedly happened. This girl is used a bunch by Deep State... wow. Nice find!
  • [ – ] Kenthedog reply The brain dead seem to follow you Peekay, like sex starved dogs saliva dripping from their mouths and looking for a hump.
  • LoverOfChrist reply Jess and mick,please know what you are talking about. Jesus loves you and God Bless
  • [ – ] JesseKate reply Exactly mickjoebill I agree peekay is a foul mouthed idiot that cannot back down on any subject. He is a complete moron that needs medical help
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