Twitter Censoring Trump Supporters

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  • JadeJicama reply And that's a good enough reason to cancel my twitter account... I've managed to stay off it for a couple weeks anyway...
  • VentionMGTOW reply Never had a Twitter account. Wish Trump would come to Gab.
  • [ – ] politicallyincorrect reply Twitter is owned by a Arabia king's son (called "jeque" in my country) so I'm not surprised.
  • c_arnold03 reply I was on gab, it was interesting, but my interest in engaging social media died a little bit after I realized it wouldn't help put more money in my pocket.
  • GrizzlyHemlock reply I've defended him on Twitter with support and replies to the negativity, and I've seen this engagement start and die off too. Twitter is shit.
  • blindfire reply Gave up Twitter last month. I'm torn, because I dislike the platform and don't really use it, but I also just want to get back on there for the trolls.
  • cubey70 reply Can't wait until we move to other platforms like this.
  • BunnyBootsInk reply One of the reasons I limit my usage of Twitter to posting updates for the most part. I wouldn't use Facebook if I had a choice but I'm forced to in order to communicate with many people I work with across the country. I just ignore the feed page because I know I won't get the information I'm looking for through that system.
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