Metal Gear - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] Mantenner reply This site is actually great, i'd never have found you on YouTube but here we are here. Great video!
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply Awesome! I also create 360 VR videos based on old NES games on YouTube as VidMe doesn't have that function yet. I've only finished a 360 VR animation of the 1st dungeon in the original Legend of Zelda in 1st person. But I'm currently working on Excite Bike and contemplating Punch Out after that.
    • [ – ] Mantenner parent reply Also I know retro city rampage is meant to be based of games of this era, but god damn it followed the art style well.
  • [ – ] Clintaurus reply I finished that 1 a long time ago. I remember figuring out a cheat with the save code.
  • [ – ] Tribal_NCS reply Hey, nice vid!
  • [ – ] BigCalsWorld reply Looks about as good as all the later Metal Gear Solid games to me. But I'm biased. I don't like them :P. Also, you seem to have missed the darts episode on here, doesn't look to be uploaded on vidme :)
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply WHOA! You are SO right about the darts episode! I've been working 16 hour days between two jobs all while trying to keep OLO up and going. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll get it uploaded right away.
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