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  • LuciusPixel reply I'll tell you why. Because we live in a world where there is money. If you have two pigs and they produce a third you can sell the third pig for enough to buy two more. It's really that procreation is quite easy to accomplish. For a farmer , raising live stock, and selling the live stock, for whatever reason, is the main goal. Typically because someone is willing to buy a pig and use it for food is why there is a pork business because someone views pigs as raw material to be fed into a mass pork manufacturing process. Pigs are viewed as raw materials. There is an entire industry dedicated to eating pigs. If people wanted more pigs as pets it can be assumed that the farmers would still make their money raising pigs but currently most of the pigs are purchased for food in a secondary market. Farmers do not get to live for free they have to pay bills and one way to earn money for paying a bill is to sell a pig for whatever the person that wants the pig wants the pig for.
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