"Wait...you can TAKE OUT your retainer?" Oblivious guy hasn't taken his out in years!

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  • BananaWaffles reply What is this?!?! The plot to some gay porn?
  • gojoeberry reply He's fuckin lying. His lateral incisors are not straight... therefore, he has lost his retainer before and had a new one made.
  • Talisman reply This is a gay porn intro
  • thatmanadrian reply fake-ass video. The bacteria and acid that gathered on his teeth from food that's not being brushed away (assuming he actually hasn't taken them out for that long) would have pretty much destroyed his teeth by now. Retainer's aren't 100% proof from anything getting inside. but the concept is cute lol
  • gojoeberry reply Lastly, Those Essix retainers are so goddamn weak... they would not have been able to withstand the biting forces if his jaw while eating.
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