#RegressiveNews: 11th of April 2017

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  • blazedu reply Once again, as Morgan Freeman rightfully said "Stop talking about it. You'll stop calling me a black man and i'll stop calling you a white man"
  • danielamann reply I never understand how people see things like separating people by race at something that is anti-racism as accomplishing something. Always been something I have never understood. It is up there with rioting and burning down an uninvolved business or something because a group of people disagree with a certain thing. I really like the way you not only address the issue, but also share the optimistic piece as well! This is the first video of yours I have watched with you actually in the video, and I was not disappointed. Do you do your own art or does someone make those for you? The resemblance is so well done!
  • milton-friedman reply don’t worry when WW3 starts, these cucks won’t matter anymore. #freekekistan
  • blazedu reply anti-racists segregate themselves. Fantastic irony.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply The masses are the delusional groups that are the tool for the powerful. Most people are ignorant morons. That's just a fact. Which I know, hurts someone's irrelevant fucking feelings. Fuck people's feelings.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply LMAO an anti-racist protest segregating protestors by race. What idiots! No wonder they're losing the argument
  • SamEarl13 reply I remember pointing out the self segregation thing once quite a while ago, there was an award ceremony (not sure which one) but I found some random feminists on twitter tallying the people who went on stage by race and gender.
  • troyhome reply Don't lump creationists with feminists
  • KevinXY1989 reply And I'm black!
  • KevinXY1989 reply I'm gay and I love WHITE DICK!!😂😂
  • 0hhtecMusician reply Dang it full screen aint workin
  • andorios reply My sentiments exactly, Captain Picard
  • UnderTheBus reply When you made mention of the fact that feminism is marxism in a skirt it brought me back to a particular quote from Vladimir Lenin. About the indoctrination of women in the universities who take women or gender studies. But we're significantly educated from Kindergarten to high school progressively or what is better know as regressivism. Give Us The Child For 8 Years and It Will Be A Bolshevik Forever. Give Me Four Years To Teach The Children and The Seed I Have Sown Will Never Be Uprooted.
  • MirceaSava reply Dave, I believe they're using 'white accomplice' the way feminists are using 'male ally' meaning that, it their eyes it doesn't matter if your actions help their cause -- if you're white, you're still guilty.
  • hoofed reply If Justin Trudeau cares so much about empowering women why doesn’t he resign and let a woman do his job?
  • valereth reply The left says that there are no differences between men and women.,...while calling the right science deniers
  • zippysaboteur reply your female impression is great
  • JadeJicama reply Not enough women in government, Justin? Ever thought about stepping down and maybe a woman will take over? Just a thought.
  • smoothcc reply Racial segregation...... these college kids are going to implode from all the triggering when they get into the real world.
  • blazedu reply whites are the accomplices. Who's the slave driver now?
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