Arkansas Teacher Jessie Goline Allegedly Had Sex with 4 of Her Students

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  • Toutvids reply Sex is just that, sex. Anything more than that are your own issues.
  • freerangehobo reply This has been going on for as long as there have been young men being taught by young women. The matronly old woman that commonly graced the hallowed halls of academia, has been replaced by, as Far as I have observed over the years, young, attractive females, some of whom dress provocatively. I experienced the sexual tension of post pubescence myself, while in the confines of my unified studies class, taught by such a woman. She taught me more than the curriculum, after school, at her home, under the pretext that I was being "tutored" to bring up my grades. The fact is, I loved it, looked forward to our encounters and told not a soul for fear of losing the opportunities. Regardless of what one believes to be morally right, proper or ethical, the fact is teenage boys, while they are boys, will likely jump on a chance to have the experience, with eagerness and consent. In my opinion, it's way different for girls, but it seems to come up more often with girls than boys. The bottom ...moreline in my opinion is: Parents, teach your children about boundaries, and self respect. My greatest regret in life, was that I lost my moral direction and became addicted to sex as a driving factor in my quest to be loved and nurtured. Any teacher should be aware that the consequences arrive early for the child, with lifetime issues to follow. As an adult, she needs to learn empathy as a deterrent.
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