FOX News Caught Using Subliminal Mind Control? You Decide!

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  • [ – ] RealRebellion reply That is actually insane! Thanks for the video! I'm actually speechless this is huge
    • EpiHope parent reply Yes, it is, but let me tell you something... I tried to get other people to do this video with me. People that had larger followings, because I wanted to get the story out better than just on my small channels. At first, when I explained that it was a story about Subliminal mind control they were so ready to do it. When I said it was about a news network, they were so ready to jump in and light up the sky with this story! When I asked them "Which news agency do you think it is?", they all said CNN. When I said FOX, they all just realized that they had other projects to do and couldn't spare 15 minutes for a skype call to do this with me. All with the exception of 1 person. He said he knew it would be FOX, but he didn't want to get involved in possible lawsuits or having them try to smear his name. I said I'm so broke, they would be wasting their time trying to sue me, and if they did, maybe they would slander me so I could sue back and I wouldn't be broke anymore! Hahaha
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply oh man, had no idea they were doing this. fucked up stuff :/
    • [ – ] EpiHope parent reply Yeah, it really is. Scary to think that the place people trust to get information are silently being fed messages secretly. I'm very sure all of the networks are doing it. Thanks for watching. By the way, I really liked your video about weight loss through a calorie deficit. I actually called my neighbor over to watch it because she's always dieting and failing! If anyone else wants to see it, here it is. Lose weight the proper way.
      • RAGEfit parent reply Thanks buddy :). Only way to lose weight that stays off! Sure you can cut carbs and watch the scale drop, but that's not weight you've actually lost
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I find it contradictory when ANTIFA/SJW says that they are fighting for social justice, saying there for women's rights', Gay rights, while seeking the support of Islamist that would enslave women and set back human rights. This is an obvious contradiction of their message of equality and makes them look like morons. These types of contradictions run ramped throughout the entire movement, claiming they stand for rights while many of their action and tactics are disgusting and disrespectful actually delegitimize their message. ANTIFA has no clear message or goal other than making noise and interfering in other peoples education and freedom of expression. ANTIFA's message has come across they are goons that don't know what there fighting for.
  • EpiHope reply I agree 100%
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