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  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply Deer are stupid!... Ever hit one at 60mph? It's not pretty! Deer have to be culled because it cuts down the odds of one of these precious little 500-1000lb darlings from running out on the road way and killing someone! That's why we have a hunting season, to cull down the odd's that someone you love is gonna have a serious accident with Bambi's mom! For instance, here in TX many counties have legalized the hunting/culling of wild hogs year round because thousands of them are tearing up vegan friendly farm land and cause accidents on the highways! Hitting a 1000-2000lb wild sow can crush a Prius like a beer can! If hunting were outlawed, neighborhoods would be packed full of starving deer, wild hogs, bear, coyote, and other vermin, and they would all run amuck, and there wouldn't be a damn thing animal control could do to stop it.
    • smithpolly parent reply GoMGTOW : So Texans only eat meat from animals that have been hunted? They don't eat the meat of animals from factory farms?
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Keith, you are an extraordinary individual! I find it amazing that you actually took time out of your day to listen to the Big Guy (my nickname for our Creator). He probably fell off his chair when you asked for his advice. The shock and all that. I figure most people ignore him or are too afraid of him to approach with a question or concern and actually want to hear his response. He has a lot to say but most of us can't hear him through the noise of our minds. It's cool that he broke up the illusion of the "dumb" animal for you. Myself, I'd say that everything in this world has been made of his consciousness, and he ain't dumb. Can his consciousness think and feel and wonder and connect and love. Of course. Nothing in creation is dead. Or innately stupid. It's impossible. Of course none of this is taught by the "learned" experts. I wonder why not? Maybe because the experts are too busy propping up the religion of science that says the whole of creation big banged out of nothing ...morefor no reason and without any creator. Yeah, that's possible. [Snort] Anyway, you presented your awareness awakening experience well. It's not easy to see the truth. Every time we see the truth of a thing we have to shift all of our thinking to accommodate it. Such change can be confusing and frustrating, especially when we now want to give up a cherished food, activity or idea. Just like you did. If you really want to shake things up, ask the Big Guy every day to raise your awareness about who you really are and where you are really at. And then let him inspire and lead you to new things and information. He can't lead anyone who won't ask first and listen, which is why there is so much trouble in the world. Not many asking and listening. But it sounds like you already know all of this and I'm preaching to the choir, so to speak. All in all, great video and congratulations on all the positive changes you are making in your life! I know it's not easy to say your piece when it comes to this stuff. I think most people would disagree or just be uncomfortable with the idea of such a radical change away from the ways of their upbringing. Thanks for sharing your heart and your awareness with us!
  • [ – ] Anonymous7193 reply If he came into my home and killed my dog, cat, or friend I would not have time to find it disgusting because his brain would have already been splattered across my floor and the police you already be on their way. I am perfectly fine with someone being a vegan. It is your life and I can't tell you how to live it. However people who claim they are vegan and continue to constantly point it out with their videos and protests are the ones who give vegans a bad image. You do not hear me complaining about vegans constantly eating the vegetables ( vegetables that have been scientifically proven to show signs of pain and distress )and protest outside of fruit and vegetable companies because of that fact alone. If you don't prefere to eat animal products then simple don't. There are enough problems already in the world and petty things such as what we eat is not what I would consider a global issue. Do what you want and I'll do the same.
    • [ – ] WooFit parent reply show me the science to back up your claim about plants feeling pain. smh.
      • [ – ] WooFit parent reply Plants and pain: http://www.dw.com/en/when-plants-say-ouch/a-510552-1 https://metabiological.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/do-plants-feel-pain/
        • [ – ] Anonymous7193 parent reply http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/botany/plants-feel-pain.htm
          • [ – ] WooFit parent reply I covered that with the links that I posted
            • [ – ] Anonymous7193 parent reply You are preaching to a crowd who is not interested in what you are saying. If you are vegan then continue that lifestyle. Don't just rub it in everyone's face that your vegan. It's just as annoying as religious pressuring. No one is learning anything they didn't already know
              • WooFit parent reply nobody learns anything they dont WANT to know. if you don't like what I have to say, then get off of my video. Nobody forced you to watch my channel, or comment.
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