Going VidMe Exclusive! Shutting down YouTube! Should you?

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  • Nicky_ reply This is actually my first visit to Vidme and I already love it! This video touches on the reasons I want to get off YouTube and upload somewhere else. I can't entertain people if nobody sees my stuff, right? Clickbait is terrible and vidme is so small that EVERYONE has a fair chance. I'll keep what you said in mind when I upload to both sites.
  • SG_Studios reply @Montythegod Oh wow... that would be epic! He's probably got some iron-clad non-compete in place with YouTube though... same with others. It would make sense as to why they aren't bothering to diversify where their videos are hosted.
  • [ – ] MontytheRobot reply What if pewds moved to vidme youtube would be fucked.
    • Shrugz parent reply Technically they wouldn't be due to how huge their "TV show" market (Like the late night shows) is. But it would show that Youtube could no longer pretend that they're for the people, they're for corporate interests only.
  • SG_Studios reply @March_Hare82 The monetization platform is yet to be released. For now we have "tipping" where viewers can pay their own money directly to a creator. The button is on each video page and the site will show your little avatar next to the tip button if you give. Other than that, there are external methods like Patreon and TAD which require more effort from viewers than just watching preroll ads. However I have heard from the devs that some type of advertising revenue option is coming. We'll see what that looks like when it comes. I'm not going to speculate on what it might look like because vidme does one thing well: thinking outside the box and surprising us!
  • Hexified reply "Because YouTube is focused on money, they are demonetizing videos with objective content"... Well that sentence was pretty dumb. If they demonetize videos, it means they make less money, therefor their main focus isnt money. I swear, people ride these YouTube hate trains for the shits and giggles (not to mention views).
  • CuneiformHub reply Personally, I plan to upload to vid.me first then upload to YouTube after a fortnight (2 weeks). That way, viewers on YouTube can have an incentive to migrate to vid.me.
  • Videomatt reply *Vidme*...My Bad (Keyboard).
  • Videomatt reply I Just Signed Up Today, Video Is Great..Live The Videos Here!! Thanks For Your Input!!
  • Shrugz reply Side note: No matter political opinions, it looks like YT has basically been pushing down ALL commentary channels, even ones that people would call "SJW" channels, the only channels that talk about political and social opinions that they allow to have freedom are the ones ran by huge corporate groups like: Buzzfeed, Fox News, etc. If you're not one of their corporate friends then they don't really care.
  • Micavity reply Started uploaded here a couple days ago. Found this site on reddit and with the sub glitch and youtube not promoting small channels, I decided to start uploading over here.. we will see how it goes. Nice video! Glad you are happy with the switch!
  • Chrono1985 reply I started uploading to vidme a few days ago. Just uploading some youtube backlog. I got more views in a few days then I got the first couple of years on youtube. Vidme is small right now, and who knows where it will go once it grows. For sure there will be growing pains. Hopefully vidme learned from youtube's past mistakes and can provide a better experience for all involved. Who can really say if vidme can compete with youtube ever but i'm sticking around here to find out.
  • Narcoleptic_Rage reply Just discovered vid.me & this is officially the first video I watched on it. ReviewTechUSA made me aware of this site & I'm testing the waters because I am growing tired of YouTube along with its ever growing bugs & poor management. They started off good but the company got too big & became all about the profits. I call it the Top Dog Syndrome, it's a situation where a company has a good system & good customer service to get that footing in the markets but when one of those companies hit an elite level in the top tiers of the markets they completely forget where they came from & what made them a success by changing their mentality to only care about money & how to get as much of it as they can in the shortest amount of time possible. Sadly I do not think there is anyone who is immune to this form of psychology & it gets to even the best of people given enough time.
  • RubenLeija reply I just notice that YouTube annotations and end screens aren't working anymore on Vidme
  • KnightInShiningASMR reply Seems like Vidme is a good alternative to the Tube.
  • Gaming_In_Progress reply Given your comments about Views I'm not sure you understand how YouTube Works. Subscribers =/= Views. If someone uploads 3 videos a day 5 days a week not everyone is going to have time to watch all that content. they may only watch three of those videos. I would suggest watching The Game Theorists Videos on the whole YouTube thing
  • TheLegend69 reply Vid.me will start gaining a lot of traffic when the monetization is implemented and gives very similar benefites to youtube. (Without dickheads managing the money)
  • wearegods reply And the Trending tab on YouTube is nothing but straight up Hollywood garbage, like yeah, I have a TV, if I wanted to see Hollywood stuff I'd turn the TV on instead of off.
  • Hexified reply @SavedGameStudios Deleting your YouTube channel is pretty salty if you ask me.
  • SG_Studios reply oooooh @Hexified gettin' *salty* lol
  • CrunchDrop reply This is so true, that's why I left Dailymotion
  • Hexified reply @SavedGameStudios I also want to point out that all these problems you guys mention only apply to bigger YouTuber's with millions of viewers. You guys act like your channel with 60 subs is in horrible danger of these TOS, algorithm changes, or copyright issues, even if you guys were to experience one of these issues first hand, your not losing any money or subscribers (because you didn't have any in the first place). I have personally made hundreds on YouTube, never had any issues and I've been around since 2011. Just because your favorite YouTuber complains about it, doesn't mean it effects you. Let me give everyone the real reason why all these crybabies quit YouTube, they couldnt surpass that satisfying amount of subscribers and didnt make a living off of ad revenue like they expected. They didnt get noticed on YouTube, they didn't blow up, and they are being a bad sport about it by slandering the company that most likely inspired them to make videos in the first place. #ItsNotYoutu...morebe #ItsYou
  • Hexified reply @SavedGameStudios YouTube doesn't have control over what the advertisers want to advertise on, the reason they followed through with these TOS to be advertiser friendly is because the advertisers demanded it. Everyone needs to realize that YouTube isnt all about the "Creators". There is a whole other side to the YouTube world, and that side is the "customers", the people that pay YouTube to host their ads. I completely understand 100% what YouTube is doing, its just unfortunate nobody actually knows why things happen.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply @WebNoob I'm going to ignore you on what you just said, cause quite frankly, I could care less about the big channels, I just don't want it shove down my throat every where I turn.
  • PlanetPasta reply I hope they still appreciate us when they get as many users as youtube lol
  • WebNoob reply @MrATAndreiThomas Btw, those ''big channels'' (Including those that started off in 2009) started off small just like you. They reached thousands to millions of subs because they kept trying. Sure, not all succeed (especially now) but that's kind of your fault.
  • Garuk reply Vid.me is not about Free Speech. It's even their second rule. 2 No hate speech No videos that promote racism, bigotry, physical harm of any kind against any group or individual.
  • kcjonescentral reply @SavedGameStudios I hope monetisation doesn't come around otherwise its gonna become cancer
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I personally hate youtube for not giving me and other smaller channels some exposure that we deserve, it always about the fucking stinking corruptions, celebrities and the big channels, well I say no fucking more, because I suffered their presence long enough since 2009 and I glad vidme came through to give us smaller users to shine, tomorrow noon I'll be posting my final rant against youtube and tell them exactly how myself and other smaller channels feel about their years of neglect, greed and their stinking corporate bullshit.
  • March_Hare82 reply I've only just landed on vidme, purely because someone suggested this as an alternative to YT with all that is going on there. No one has explained to me yet why I am randomly getting unsubbed from channels that upload regularly and aren't controversial etc, so I am just about done with the platform as a viewer. If i feel this is a viable alternative, I shall message the content creators that I watch and suggest they upload here, either exclusively or alongside youtube, because I am unable to support that platform any longer. How does monetization work here atm, (is there any?). I regularly watch adverts on youtube to generate income for channels that I am subscribed to, I'd hate to ask them to give up that small income stream, if they aren't currently experiencing adverse effects from YT's changes.
  • MoviesRevisited reply Well said, small channels get no exposure on YouTube. Vidme is the future, mark my words.
  • SG_Studios reply @hexified It may not make sense on the surface, but by demonetizing videos that go against the TOS which is written to be more advertiser friendly, the end result is (in their minds) a manipulation of the community to make more videos that will remain monetized and fewer videos that will get demonetized. The net result: more money. YouTube has been demonetizing for years but just never told anyone. That tactic didn't work because it didn't change the behavior of creators. Now that it's in the open, people are adjusting their content or leaving the site. Just because their plan isn't working the way they wanted it to doesn't mean that making more money isn't their goal.
  • Datalist reply The best thing about vidme is the recent's upload feature. It insures even small channels get a chance to be exposed.
  • GAM3RSDOOM reply The real issue with YouTube is that people don't understand how it works. A lot of the problems you mentioned can boiled down to numbers game and how that works with YouTube's algorithm.
  • Animatedtdot reply Nice video, but as you somewhat pointed to in the video, who knows what changes vidme will go through once they start the ads and all that stuff and how it will change the search engine. But im hopeful that a big company doesnt force them out or to lean one way or another like they are doing in tv.
  • RoyceWhitaker reply You can still get to a random video by going to http://vid.me/random
  • LMarucha reply I won't be surprised if this happens, but i'm hoping that a big company doesn't buy vidme or something, which will end up ruining the site. For now i'm not tempted to close down my channel. Maybe it's because I'm very small but I'd rather experiment with both websites.
  • March_Hare82 reply @SavedGameStudios I wanted to directly reply to your comment, but it seems this isn't currently an option, (plus I can only see the top rated comments, not all comments for some reason. A google search didn't bring up any answers). Anyway, I did see the tipping tab which seems the same as patreon, which I already use to support a couple of YT channels. That kind of creates an awkward situation for me as I want to abandon YT completely, but I am financially invested in a couple of the channels succeeding so cannot easily leave without withdrawing support for those channels or just giving them money blindly in the future, without any benefit to myself in the form of videos to watch.
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