Dearborn Islamofascist Cleric Influenced one of the London Terrorists

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx man, you're doing a wonderful and incredibly important thing by calling attention to the fact that the authoritarians are really just trying to normalize and import islam in order to institute their sick visions of fascism. I think they are threatened by the information revolution, but regressive islam presents the perfect opportunity for a political trojan horse. So basically
  • [ – ] AngelofSorrow reply We need more people like Tommy Robinson who doesn't give two fucks about any of that censorship B.S. It just frustrates me that I can't get over their to help him and the rest standing up to this Islamist take over of our western values.
    • AngelofSorrow parent reply That is also true. I used to be very left wing, watched RT and The Young Turks on a daily basis. Since the republican primaries between Cruz and Trump I have been pushed so far right I now classify as a Conservative and the left has no one to blame but themselves. Many others have gone the same way.
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