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  • mtgheadquarters reply first time i've dropped a video on Vidme First! Leave a Comment if you want more!
  • [ – ] TaraBabcock reply GARYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
    • TaraBabcock parent reply Theros/Ravnica block STD was my absolute favorite. I had a mono u, mono b, and the Sphinx's control deck. Pack Rat was so fun! My roomie had a cool mono b brew. I miss those days! <3
  • [ – ] Dannad74 reply 5) Living Terrain-This was just one of those cards that for some reason when I was playing casual with my friends, we all thought was overpowered. 4) Curse of the Bloody Tome-Another card that my casual group all thought was overpowered. 3) Sorin, Lord of Innistrad-This was the top end of an Orzhov tokens deck I had when I started playing standard at my LGS. 2) Hellrider-When I got a little tired of losing in standard I decided to try and build something competitive, but didn't have much money, ended up building a Rakdos Aggro deck with stuff like Hellrider, Rakdos Cackler, Spike Jester, Madcap Skills, Searing Spear etc. 1) Maze's End-After playing that aggro deck for awhile I discovered a turbofog Maze's End deck and I fell in love, at the end of INN/RTR standard and all through RTR/THS standard I played pretty much nothing but this deck, it is my favorite standard deck ever so far, best thing I ever did with it was win a $100 cash prize tournament at my lgs, good times.
  • MrCow reply loved theros standard I ran lovely control
  • Seismic-Swans reply My favorite MTG format is the legal deck is 25 Swamps 35 Royal Assassin :)
  • LJV1979 reply My top 5 most memorable MTG cards in no particular order. 1)Pack fresh Shivan Dragon I got from my cousin back in '95. 2)Prodigal Sorcerer because, Tim, and I love to ping. 3)Deranged Hermit, ever since this card came out I have had some form of squirrel deck. 4)Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, my first homebrew EDH Commander. 5)Erhnam Djinn for being my alt. win condition in my first ever channel fireball deck, and for a memory that has nothing to do with MTG but a lot to do with living life to its fullest.
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