Munich: Judiciary Injustice against Critics of Islam

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  • [ – ] DeltaMale reply Thats why im frustrated with the 88people. The guy was doing islaw's dirty work by killing Jews.He met and was buddies with the grand mufti of palestine. THEN invaded European countries. Hitler, a socialist, did the same thing liberals are doin today
  • [ – ] 4real0316 reply You mentioned George Bush you are correct. His family is tied to bankers that were funding the Nazi party out of New York City. Under operation paperclip Nazi scientists were moved to the US to start our intelligence agencies including military intelligence and our current is a global operation operating under the control and influence of the Vatican. This explains why the last two popes Have been calling for a New World order. Our court systems operate under universal corporate codes not constitutional law. Even though our judges swear to support uphold and defend the Constitution of United States there a direct violation yet they go on breaking laws daily. I recentlydiscover the Canada France and England operate under the same laws apparently Germany does as well. This system goes back to Roman law. Hence universal or a.k.a. Catholic corporate codes. I love your channel thanks for keeping me aware of what's happening in Germany God bless you
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply
  • [ – ] 4real0316 reply I think this German gentleman has them scared. Here in United States then NEA the national education ministration which is controlled by the federal government has dumb down US population. They do not know the history of World War II so the tour Nazi is used by the left to attack constitutionalist and patriots win the left are the socialist communist. However if what this gentleman is releasing to the public or to be widely known that the Nazis in the Muslim brotherhood and come and go and we're working together against the Jews then folks might actually figure out that fascism today now wears a turban and Keri's are Karen instead of a Nazi swastika an SS troops. Those who don't know their history or doomed to repeat it.
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