My Childhood Playtime ft. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Animation)

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  • [ – ] euanaustin reply This was great! It was probably just as cool as, or even cooler, than you imagined it :)
  • [ – ] Flammenhilfe reply I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. And it all started on an old Tonka (as in the toy brand) game and an old '90s computer. I also remember playing a lot of Xbox 360 games. First with some kid friend stuff to CoD:AW, which was the last 360 game I played, before I was able to play the Xbox 1 extensively. Three games that will forever be in my memory is Modern Warfare 2 (because of the awesome AC-130 spec-ops), CoD: Ghosts (my first online multiplayer experience), and Patapon 2 (that game was just straight fun). I should make a video about this™
    • Haricz parent reply MW2 was my first CoD I remember playing, although I probably played another CoD game but it was on the psp or something like that. Black Ops 1 was my first legit online multiplayer fps and I just love the game. I'm excited for the new CoD since it's gonna be like BO1 in aesthetics. Hope it turns out good, at least for the multiplayer part haha.
  • [ – ] Shribble1 reply Yu-gi-oh was an awesome card game! Unfortunately it's become so complicated and there's less diversity of playstyle and deck composition now I think.
    • Haricz parent reply I don't know how to play YuGiOh anymore since there's just so many new things added to the game haha
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply So much of my childhood and uhh... early high school years (lol) were spent playing YuGioH with friends. It was a really fun strategy TCG! I still have all my old cards packed away in my basement somewhere.
    • Haricz parent reply I still have some of my cards too. Would have been nice if I had all of them tho.
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