Duck Game | MF Kraven vs the World

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  • VaidaAlice reply Duck Game was so much fun 😃😃😃😂😉
  • theoldsparrow reply Congratulations VaidaAlice! :D She definitely used some strategy not going in guns ablazing.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "9/11 was an inside job... 3/11 was an inside job" hahaha. Tbh it looks like VaidaAlice might been using cheats the whole time lol.
    • [ – ] MFKraven parent reply right? @VaidaAlice confirmed as cheat. E X P O S E D. lol seriously though if it werent for The Terminator saying "fuck Damien won" i wouldnt have kept fucking around and had the won the belt again :'(
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