Live Reaction - Dragon's Lair (NES)

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  • [ – ] VeeJohnPee reply We've all been there, you know, when you accidentally walk into a wall, and turn into a pile of bones, am I right guys? Lol. You are a sadist Psy. These games you play are ridiculously hard, and tortuous. This should count as self harm!
    • weestevieb parent reply Btw, cheers for the upvotes! Ya legend :-)
    • weestevieb parent reply Haha!!! Love it! I like to play games that don't really get enough attention and if they're hard as nails then so be it ;) I'd like to try the arcade version of this game plus the arcade and SNES port of Space Ace which is another QTE game made by the same folk.....I think I'm masochistic!! Lol
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