Why Does North Korea Hate America So Much?

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  • [ – ] respawn reply Well, in all fairness, US children, and adults, are being taught to hate North Korea too. The North Korean government are merely, in their point of view, responding to US aggression. USA constantly threatens to overthrow the government of NK, even asassinate their president.
    • [ – ] Wyro12 parent reply It's only logical to hate North Korea though. People there are starving and suffering and Kim Jong Un absolutely deserves to die. So don't compare North Korean propaganda to common sense.
      • [ – ] respawn parent reply We really don't know anything about what goes on in North Korea. In the west, we only get fed gross propaganda about "hostile" countries like Russia, NK, Syria, Libya, and it invariably turns out to be grossly misrepresentative..
        • Wyro12 parent reply Well, we know they're not open for trade, and you can get executed for speaking out against the government, and jailed for having the wrong haircut. Don't kid yourself. We know plenty about North Korea. It's not a nice place to live, and that's just putting it lightly.
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