ASMR Binaural Treasure Triggers | Crinkles, Whispers, Sounds

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  • [ – ] Haikuflower reply Hi! This is haikuflower 🌸 watching over here 😊 I hope this platform works out for you. Giving it a try is good! I really enjoy hearing about your fish and dreams of having a big tank. When things settle here I want to get another betta! I hope soon! I'm going to send you a message about hearing them? I don't know anything about that!
    • [ – ] MissFushi parent reply Thank you for coming over to subscribe here! <3 I'd love love love to see your fish tank when you get one and answer any questions.
      • [ – ] Haikuflower parent reply Oh that would be fun! Okay. It may be a bit. I just got a new career and will be teaching science and computers in a private school. I've been even thinking of getting the science classroom a fish 🐠 Wouldn't that be fun?! But I have to have my own (of course) and near the computer. Sometimes I just watch them swim and make their bubble nests... I miss mine so much because he recognized me and would chase my finger around the bowl and watch me all the time. Does yours do stuff like that?
        • [ – ] MissFushi parent reply Yes! When she sees me come to the tank she gets excited. She also has a leaf she likes to sleep on sometimes. <3
          • Haikuflower parent reply Oh yeah I remember you showing us that. I have that too. Isn't it cute they like to sleep on their little leaf bed 🍃🐠
  • [ – ] ladybugasmr reply relaxing....
  • [ – ] rosedand23 reply How nice to put old videos on this how the tip thing work
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