Charlottesville Virginia Riot

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  • Soldier_Of_The_Cross reply Please Read And Consider What is written There is no other way to say so here it goes: We have in this country the United States of America a group attempting to disrupt the republic government . If this group had their way America would fall and become like a third world country. This group is from the bankers and diplomats of the shadow government of President Obama, who is promoting distrust and lies about President Trump making it hard for the Trump Administration to properly Govern. This shadow government is called The Deep State. We have members left over from the Obama days in our government. Why are they still holding jobs is a mystery to me. I am just putting all this down in writing so all you people realize that America is under siege,it is real ,not a theory. If you think differently then you will be part of the problem. If we the people pay this no thought then be ready to live under a dictatorship. Paul 8/16/2017
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