The Death of Box Stores (Legacy Commerce) and the Rise of the Internet

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply In the future there will be nothing to do but type on the internet and eat
  • Jijipoid reply most things are cheaper online as well because the expense of running the old brick n mortars isn't as much there for online merchants.. brick n mortars are pretty much becoming more like convenience stores.. I think the only stores that are really "relevant" to have are grocery stores really.. mostly because i don't trust anyone picking out my produce for me.. among other things lol.
  • arenelomax reply As confident as I am in the internet, I still have doubts about the extinction of the mall and the movies because people like to actually get out and live. I can't imagine a day when people never leave the house just because the internet brings stuff to you.
  • valereth reply If/when Best Buy and various video game stores go,. I will miss that shit. I still love going to brick and mortar stores like that
  • StolenMoment reply Our shopping habits seem to be very similar. Dry goods=Walmart online.
  • ThomasSilvey reply Its happening in my hometown right now... They are losing Route 21, with another clothing store beside Walmart in an avenue that is usually busy from time to time, they also lost an antique store, FYE (Which turned to Route 21 a few years later which is closing now)... They are losing tons of businesses where I am right now due to people not having decent jobs that would pay for all of the stuff they want there... Plus the school board is in a $1.6 million dollar deficit when they suppose to by the state of Louisiana to have the Amazon tax not just help the parish but the state too... My parish just finds ways to fuck it up. They are rebuilding downtown for the Christmas festival there which wasn't the same on what it used to be because everyone is doing it now... The Internet is taking over right now... I rather go to places like Amazon, Mercari or other spots than Walmart or the massive box stores... Facts!
  • Rando91 reply I don't know if it was that when I was down with the idea of a zombie apocalypse or I hated living in apartments but. I thought Malls make better living space than apartments because it would be like an indoor gated community, like with solar or wind turbines on the roof along side community owned greenhouses with adjacent community owned businesses.
  • wolfalexzemla reply Its a shame people only support these mega companies. They skim every 1/1000 of a cent they can and give it all to the rich. In the end we will just have giant automated warehouses and automated delivery.
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