Pitfalls of Dating a Single Mother

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Hello human!!! I am a sheep and have no experience dating a single mother. But I really love your human honesty and you opening up about difficult things without a #liberalfilter. It's very refreshing from the over-produced, over-optimistic YouTube rants I see on other channels you know? Thanks for sharing! I will find you on YouTube to see more similar videos from you! Appreciate it, human! <3
    • [ – ] LiberalDecay parent reply Sheep have much simpler lives than us humans, I envy them. They just fuck whoever they feel like and don't worry about the consequences. This is my first foray into more serious rants like this.
      • BobbyTheSheep parent reply Hmmmm I don't have sex so I dunno you know? But I know our gender identities are more simple -- ram and ewe. No need to worry about other things!! Keep at these rants! I know you used to do more gaming videos? But there are a lot of gaming channels around -- but few people talk about these things with honesty. Usually it's very 'polished' or scripted. But I prefer videos that talk about issues in a real voice like yours. Good stuff human!!!
    • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Just subbed to you here and on YouTube human!
      • [ – ] LiberalDecay parent reply Thanks man, yeah i like to use minimal editing in my videos. I preferred youtube when it was real people, not people trying to be TV personalities.
        • BobbyTheSheep parent reply These days everyone is going 'Family Friendly' too. It's horrible. Everything is censored, and anyone who speaks the hard truth gets penalized because of all the snowflakes around. So yes it's good to see real human talk like yours every once in a while! I hope you will be able to sort out some of the challenges you are facing now. Life is hard, let's keep it real. It can be a bitch many times. But we push on and see what happens, you know? :) At least our lives are still better than many others in the world, even at its worst!
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