Regulatory Tuesday ep5 Freedom and what it is about

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  • basic_goku reply Skeet skeet
  • [ – ] Gh_Hg reply Also, I don't know how familiar you are with the new regulations on Marijuana in the state of California , but people were lead to believe that it would just be "Legal" after these laws (Tho thru the medical system is already was) Instead Prices have just been shooting up as growers prepare to have to pay exorbitant fees to the state. and as of 2018 it will be taxed to fuck tooooo. state tax, and local municipality taxes too. A lot of dumb stoners shot themselves in the foot on this one big time do to lack of being informed! Either way, if this is something that peeks your interest maybe you'd be down to do a Regulatory Tuesday episode on it, or maybe a collaborative stream in the future!!! lemme know!
  • [ – ] Gh_Hg reply Skeet Skeet indeed! U know its a gonna be a good vid if john locke gets dropped first minute! ^_^
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