Bad News For The Nintendo Switch

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  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply I think I'm going to wait for the New Nintendo Switch-i 3D XL 1TB 4G VR limited edition Gold ver
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Maybe this why I'm waiting for the Switch to reach 1 year old before I buy this console.
  • [ – ] MaxIzrin reply What about other data on the switch? Maybe this is an attempt to prevent the console from being hacked. If games have proper write permissions on the system, then you can theoretically use a save file that a game will load to get to an exploit, and install a bootloader. It could be a lazy way to cover up security issues present in the firmware. But I don't know how freely you can move data in and out of the device. If there's a separate storage for content (I assume you can play video on it), then this may be the reason.
    • [ – ] Skipx parent reply I understand what your saying but, Nintendo's competitors are allowing people to do this simple function. I know a lot of people who like using external storage for their game saves. Also the Switch has already been hacked. This is something that I cant understand.
      • MaxIzrin parent reply Already hacked?! LOL! I didn't know that. So I guess they have no real reason to do this. It could be a strange firmware quirk thing, if they wrote theirs from scratch, but some people are saying it's borrowing from the FreeBSD project so... they're just asshats I guess. It's just like the XBONE always online requirement. It could get dropped if enough people complain.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Yeah have you seen the video titled "Nintendo switch painful launch" it was a disaster and I was glad that didn't buy the Nintendo switch on the day of the Launch as I am planning to get mine in neon red and blue Joy-Cons later on this year come November before black Friday. Nintendo should of add a soft sponge inside the dock to prevent the tablet LCD screen from being scratch.
  • Lindenbree reply The warping is my biggest issue, but the save data is pretty crap too. I can't afford a Switch anyway though so I'm unaffected x3 The Xbox One I have, we have to keep a fan trained on it when we play or it shuts itself off from over heating. Still, that's not as bad as the Switch actually warping though. I hope this doesn't effect Nintendo too badly, day one consoles always have issues. But still, it's hard to defend some of this
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