Are YOU Still Caught in this Mind-numbing Loop?!?

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  • Magnus4g63 reply Great video, what an insane religion statism is ...
  • TheTrue reply Term limits, recalls, and exposure of their ineptitude and corruption at every instance. Drive them into the ground.
  • DieNetaDie reply jail more politicians
  • DieNetaDie reply jail more politicians
  • DarkQuark reply So let me get this straight. You actually expect the entire federal government to come to a screeching halt and do an about face just because Trump is in there? That is beyond an unrealistic expectation. Much of the government is still run by Obama appointees and he is currently fighting all of congress as the entire establishment is out to halt his non-globalist agenda. I cannot tell if you are just anti-Trump or shortsighted.
  • DickDitty reply Were they sober when they appeared in these videos?
  • LibertyLyman reply Just transferred from youtube, they have been making it difficult to view your content. Glad to find an alternate source, look forward to watching and learning, keep up the good work!
  • Platypus67 reply This arrogant megalomaniac trump did almost nothing he promised during the election; Clinton is still at large, he sends even more us troops to war in all kinds of old and new wars around the world and the list goes on and on. And most trumpites either don't WANT to recognize this fact, or they are simply too STUPID. Trump is in the end a fucking politician like all the other potus' of the past few decades - and probably worse. This seems to be a trademark of politicians nowadays to be a corrupt liar - and this goes for both sides of this criminal two-party-system the usa has set up. So now go ahead and call me an idiot again like every time before when i dared to criticize 'your' demi-god "the don"; but keep in mind: you'd have to kill me to silence me. And one thing is for sure: america practices a two tier system of world policing - all the actions they condemn other nations/leaders for are perfectly fine to be done by themselves. This begun after ww2 and gets worse with every n...moreew president. What a perfect role model you are!
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